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Paperclip Bar Necklace 3

Paperclip Bar Necklace 3

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 This captivating style skillfully combines the fashionable paperclip chain with an engravable rectangle bar, allowing patrons to customize their necklace to reflect the modern trend. Boasting a minimalistic design and simple elegance, this everyday style affords a unique and individualized touch, enabling wearers to pair it with other pieces or wear it as a solo item.

Optional: If you would like names engraved in the bars please provide them in the details section.


Stainless steel offers durability and is resistant to rust or tarnish, making it an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin. Gold filled jewelry features a layer of gold bonded to high-quality jewelers brass, ensuring lasting shine without rust, tarnish, or discoloration. Sterling silver pieces, crafted with at least 92.5% purity, are revered as precious metals, providing both beauty and quality for those seeking timeless elegance.



Available in Stainless Steel (gold or silver)

Chain Length: 18

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