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Break Apart Heart Necklace Set

Break Apart Heart Necklace Set

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A classic symbol of love and friendship, this Stainless Steel Break Apart Engravable Heart Necklace Set is an ideal choice for couples or close friends. Its timeless design and minimalist aesthetic make it a suitable accessory for any occasion. Plus, with the ability to be engraved, it is an excellent option for sentimental gifts.

Free Custom Engraving: If you would like information engraved on the hearts please include it in the details section. 


14k gold filled jewelry is a high quality metal composed of at least 5% pure gold by weight as required by law. Gold filled is a layer of gold pressure bonded to high quality jewelers brass. It maintains its shine and will not rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green. This is the perfect metal for those with sensitive skin. 14k rose gold filled jewelry is still 14k gold filled, however the beautiful rose color is achieved by adding copper, so please be aware if you have a sensitivity to copper. Our sterling silver pieces are at least 92.5% pure silver and considered a precious metal. Sterling silver will naturally tarnish so a polishing pad is included with every silver order.


Available in Gold 

Chain Length: 18"

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